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660 €

450 €

900 €

1200 €

3360 €

Software in French and English
Save data locally or with cloud
Backup data
Synchronise data online between staff members
Update data by overwriting in multi-user mode 
Create teams and players
Import squads and referees from the TechSport server
Import squads from an Excel file
Follow injuries and suspensions
Manage several teams from one club
Use pre-configured events
Create customised events
Set up key words to describe specific plays, with up to 6 possible sub-descriptions within each type of play
Set up key words to describe roles, with up to 6 possible sub-descriptions within each role
Modify action areas for field possession
Modify action areas for video and statistics searches
Customise the software by configuring the drop-down lists
Import settings from the previous version (events, criteria, roles, customised filters, customised tables, Excel exported statistics)
Use up to 2 camera angles per match analysis
Use up to 4 camera angles per match analysis
Automatic calculation of minutes played using interchanges
Enter minutes played manually
Create a match sheet without players or with an unlimited number of players
Edit the match on the computer after the match has finished
Edit the match live, while it is being filmed
Customise the editing interfaces
Enter the interchanges and bookings while editing
Access statistics live
View events live
Create playlists live
Show a playlist in the changing rooms at half time
Modify an edited match (name, correct, delete, localise, and add events)
Assign players with roles for each play
Enter the interchanges and bookings after editing
Enter field possession
View the match in chronological or thematic order
Multi-match, multi-criteria video searches
Create a playlist from a video search
Merge several playlists
Change the contents of a playlist
Assign results from one video search to several different playlists
Organise a playlist by sliding and moving tracks
Change the beginning and the end of a track
Assign a colour with a track
Match a comment with a track
Change the camera angle of a playlist
Change the camera angle of a track
View a track with two different camera angles side-by-side
Graphics for videos
Overlay captions onto the video
Print the details of a playlist
Create a video from a playlist
Export the playlist to AVS Editor or AVS Remaker
Open several playlists at the same time
Automatically create a video per player or per event for a match
Configure automatic captions on the video (name of stat, time...)
Quickly create a playlist from a video
Compare two events side-by-side
Convert, merge or split a video file
Interactive presentation of stats (match, team, player)
Control panel to compare two teams
Create customised stat filters
Create templates for tables from customised filters
Create templates for Excel exports of stats from customised filters
Create templates for presentation of stats (images, graphs, tables, fields...)
Mark players present or absent at training
Edit training sessions
Do video searches for training sessions
Compile videos of training sessions and matches in the same playlist
Automatic creation of a playlist from training sessions
Import an edited match from another TechXIII user
Import match analysis from the previous season
Compatible with the TechXIII Web video platform
Compatible with match analysis exchange server TechXchange
The statistic documents come with reports, lists, tables, and graphs
Reports of injured and suspended players for the whole season
Reports of attendance at training
Monitoring of minutes played and use of players.